As high summer temperatures arrive, the importance of cool storage and the impact heat may have on work time and fixture time relative to customers applications should be noted.
It has also been established in the lab and at customers that long term elevated temperature storage greater than the recommended temperatures have proven to shorten product shelf life. Exceeding our recommended maximum storage temperature of 74F (~23C) for any length of time may cause issues with viscosity, gelling or reactivity. Studies conducted at 40 and 50F storage (~5 and 10C) have proven to show an increase in the shelf life and stability of our products. Improved shelf life by cool storage has been validated by real world examples with customers that consistently store at 50-65F. Freshly arrived Plexus that has been shipped over several hot days should immediately benefit by being placed right into cool storage.
The most apparent detrimental effects are seen in the work time and the cure time. Hotter ambient air temperature, and the temperature of the adhesive and substrate, are all contributing factors to cure acceleration. Please keep these factors in mind during the warm summer.