Freeing Designers to Push New Envelopes,

Manufacturers to Cut Assembly Costs

Plexus Adhesives are freeing designers to rethink the design and construction of products from consumer electronics to buildings and bridges.  Not only do they allow the use of exciting new materials, they dramatically speed and simplify the assembly of products in which they are used. 


By allowing designers to replace heavy conventional materials with lightweight composites, Plexus Fiberglass Fusion™ Adhesives contribute to lighter, stonger products and eliminate time-consuming, labor-intensive traditional assembly methods.


Plexus Metal Bonder™ Adhesives can not only eliminate pounds of mechanical fasteners, but the labor time and cost, repetitve stress injuries, and high factory noise levels that go with them.  And, by eliminating these unsightly fasteners, Plexus Adhesives can dramatically improve the aesthetics of products from small signs to huge trailers and trains.


Regardless of whether they are used to bond engineered plastics, advanced composites, metals, or dissimilar substrates, by eliminating weight, Plexus Adhesives can increase the utility, performance, and fuel economy of a long list of vehicles and products.


In fact, these adhesives are so versatile that the uses for them are limited only by one's imagination and willingness to think beyond the conventional!