Revolutionizing the Way
Boats Are Designed and Built

Plexus "Fiberglass Fusion" Adhesives have revolutionized the way boats are designed and built. When applied to fiberglass and other composites, they dissolve a thin layer of each mating surface and actually fuse two composite surfaces into one, creating a chemically cross-linked bond so strong that the composites will delaminate before the bond fails.

In addition to unmatched bond strength, Plexus Adhesives offer:

Flexibility to absorb vibrations and withstand stresses caused by the pounding of wind, water, and high speed on performance boats

Excellent resistance to fuel, chemicals, UV, extreme temperatures, and repeated thermal cycling
Design freedom to replace wood (especially below the waterline) with composites, thereby preventing rot and warranty issues

By replacing heavy, unreliable marine putties, Plexus Adhesives:

Virtually eliminate surface preparation (no sanding, grinding, or primers required) and replace slow, labor-intensive assembly methods, reducing production times by up to 50%
Eliminate chlorinated solvents
Produce stronger, lighter, faster boats

By obsoleting mechanical fasteners such as bolts, rivets, and screws, Plexus Adhesives:

Distribute loads over a much greater area
Minimize fiberglass fatigue, wear, and failures
Eliminate potential leak points

ITW Plexus is ISO 9001 certified. Plexus Adhesives have been tested and certified by the world's most respected marine agencies, including Lloyd's of London, Det Norsk Veritas, Icelandic, and the American Bureau of Shipping. 

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