Stronger, Lighter, "Greener" Vehicles

Assembling an average bus or trailer body requires more than 90 pounds of bolts, screws, rivets, and other mechanical fasteners.  Now there's a better way!

For bonding metals to metals, plastics, composites, and dissimilar substrates, without primers, Plexus Metal Bonder Adhesives:

• Eliminate bolts, screws, rivets, and other mechanical fasteners

• Eliminate predrilling operations and speed assembly

• Dramatically reduce repetitive stress injuries and factory noise levels

Eliminate welding and unsightly scorching or dimpling of thin panels

• Are available in long open-time versions for large assemblies

• Exhibit high-temperature resistance for post-bake operations

• Produce stronger assemblies by distributing stresses over large bond areas

• Prevent leaks that can occur when fastener holes expand due to vibration

Produce smooth, flawless surfaces for improved aesthetics

Absorb vibration and resist impact, fatigue, and temperature extremes/cycling

For additional weight reductions without sacrificing strength or durability, Plexus Composite Bonding Adhesives are used for automotive subassemblies made from thermoplastics, composites, and SMCs. Plexus "Fiberglass Fusion" Adhesives chemically cross-link composites at the molecular level into a unitized assembly. They create bonds so strong that the composites will delaminate before the bonds fail.

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