Reducing Weight and Improving Fuel Economy --

Without Sacrificing Strength

Plexus Adhesives have freed engineers to rethink the design and manufacture of  all types of vehicles. In some cases, they have made it possible to use new, lighter weight materials such as engineered plastics and advanced composites.  With the ability to bond a wide range of thermoplastics, thermosets, and dissimilar substrates, Plexus Adhesives allow vehicle designers to significantly reduce the weight of vehicles, thereby improving their performance and fuel economy. And since Plexus "Fiberglass Fusion" Adhesives chemically cross-link composites at the molecular level, they produce bonds stronger than the composites themselves; bonds so strong that the composites will delaminate before the bonds fail. 


Plexus Metal Bonder Adhesives have also dramtically changed the way that truck bodies and trailers are assembled.  They have replaced hundreds of bolts, screws, and rivets per vehicle and significantly reduced assembly times by eliminating the need for predrilling. They have also reduced both factory noise levels and repetitive stress injuries associated with the installation of mechanical fasteners. And because adhesives distribute stresses over much large areas (rather than concentrating them at specific points like mechanical fasteners), they actually produce stronger assemblies and eliminate potential leak points.


Plexus Adhesive bonding can also be used in place of welding, eliminating the potential scorching or dimpling of thin panels and reducing the need for expensive highly skilled workers.