Bus and Coach Industry

ITW Plexus advanced adhesive products offer high strength with minimal
to no surface preparation, therefore streamlining the production
process. The unique characteristics of our adhesive systems allow
bus manufacturers to replace welding structures, reduce distortion
and post weld dressing, and improve fatigue performance.


Bonding with ITW Plexus adhesives

• By eliminating the need for rivets, individual stress points are significantly reduced and the load is evenly distributed
• Provides improved aesthetics of the finished vehicle
• Efficient processing and quick cure, aiding production speed
• Wide range of open and fixture times available to suit all applications
• ITW Plexus adhesive bondlines are designed to withstand climatic stresses under different environmental conditions
• Lower component costs, due to the ability of adhesives to bond to a wide variety of substrates
• ITW Plexus adhesives have the ability to bond dissimilar metals and materials offering more design freedom
• Eliminate the need to drill or pierce substrates for mechanical fastening and fixing, thus minimizes leaking and corrosion



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