Train/Rail Industry

ITW Plexus adhesives have the ability to bond different types of
plastics, metals and composites, helping to lower component
costs, which is invaluable to the rail industry. ITW Plexus adhesives
are used frequently during design and assembly to ensure these
components remain intact and resistant to environmental stresses.
Our quality adhesives offer distinct advantages when dealing with
complex components and large surface areas.


Bonding with structural adhesives:

• Efficient processing and quick cure increases
production speed
• Proven durability in service
• Wide range of open and fixture times available to suit
all applications
• Reduce floor de-lamination and repairs with our water
resistant floor bonding solutions
• Good sound dampening improves journey experience
• Improve productivity and reduce component costs with
the ability to bond a wide variety of different substrates
• Achieve aerodynamic efficiency and improved
aesthetic finishes
• Minimizes the need to drill or pierce the chassis for
mechanical fastening and fixing of floor panels
• All ITW Plexus adhesives are designed to withstand
operating stresses and various environmental conditions
• Using ITW Plexus adhesives eliminates the damage
caused to substrates and structures as a result of
drilling and welding.


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