Truck Industry

Our methyl methacrylate structural adhesives are a superior and practical alternative to traditional truck assembly methods and are approved by many Class 4-8 Truck Manufacturers worldwide. The solutions are ideal for the most troublesome truck assemblies, such as exterior trailer cappings, bumper assemblies, door extensions, interior cabins and exterior sun visors.


Bonding with ITW Plexus adhesives

• ITW Plexus adhesives have the ability to bond dissimilar metals and materials while offering more design options and substrate choices
• Improved aesthetics and aerodynamic efficiency
• A wide range of open and fixture times available to suit all applications
• ITW Plexus adhesive bondlines are designed to withstand climatic stresses under different environmental conditions
• ITW Plexus adhesives are primarily used in structural bonding, meaning there is little to no need for mechanical fasteners
• ITW Plexus adhesives can be recycled without the need to cut out the joint and are regrind compatible
• Assist to reduce in the final weight of assembly which will improve fuel efficiency and help to reduce emissions
• Eliminate the need to drill or pierce substrates for mechanical fastening, thus minimizes leaking and corrosion


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