Bonding Composites

ITW Plexus "Fiberglass Fusion" Adhesives bond thermoplastics, composites, gelcoats, SMCs, wood, metal, and dissimilar substrates. Unlike glassed-in joints or marine putties, they chemically cross-link composites at the molecular level into a unitized assembly. They create bonds so strong that the composites will delaminate before the bonds fail.

ITW Plexus Adhesives cure at room temperature, producing tough, flexible bonds that withstand impact and dampen vibration. They also resist solvents, UV exposure, saltwater, weathering, and temperature extremes/cycling. In addition, they reduce weight and improve performance without sacrificing strength or durability.

ITW Plexus Adhesives require little or no surface preparation (primers, sanding, or grinding). Mixed as dispensed, they are available in a wide range of open times and can be applied to vertical or inverted surfaces without sagging or "swimming". They produce 90% lower VOC emissions than resins or putties and are Greenguard certified.

ITW Plexus adhesives are supplied in ready-to-dispense cartridges, 5 gallon pails and 50 gallons drums. They may be applied using industry standard manual or pneumatic applicators or via a variety of meter mix bulk dispensing systems. Contact us for your application requirements.