Adhesives for Composites
Bonding Composites
Plexus "Fiberglass Fusion" Adhesives bond thermoplastics, composites, gelcoats, SMCs, wood, metal, and dissimilar substrates. They create bonds so strong that the composites will delaminate before the bonds fail.

Adhesives for Metals
Bonding Metals

Plexus Metal Bonder Adhesives bond metals to metals, plastics, composites, and dissimilar substrates without primers. They eliminate welding and mechanical fasteners, and speed assembly. They produce stronger, lighter assemblies with smooth, flawless surfaces for improved aesthetics.


Adhesives for Plastics
Bonding Plastics/Dissimilar Substrates
Plexus Adhesives are ideal for bonding today's difficult-to-bond engineered plastics. They produce stonger bonds than solvent bonding, reduce VOC emissions, are regrind-compatible, and are available in low-odor and low-shrink formulations.