Bonding Metals

For bonding metals to metals, plastics, composites, and dissimilar substrates, without primers, Plexus Metal Bonder Adhesives:

  • Eliminate bolts, screws, rivets, and other mechanical fasteners.
  • Eliminate predrilling operations and speed assembly.
  • Dramatically reduce repetitive stress injuries and factory noise levels.
  • Eliminate welding and unsightly scorching or dimpling of thin panels.
  • Are available in long open-time versions for large assemblies.
  • Exhibit high-temperature resistance for post-bake operations.
  • Produce stronger assemblies by distributing stresses over large bond areas.
  • Prevent leaks that can occur when fastener holes expand due to vibration.
  • Produce smooth, flawless surfaces for improved aesthetics.
  • Absorb vibration and resist impact, fatigue, and thermal cycling/extremes.


Plexus adhesives are supplied in ready-to-dispense cartridges, 5 gallon pails and 50 gallons drums. They may be applied using industry standard manual or pneumatic applicators or via a variety of meter mix bulk dispensing systems. Contact us for your application requirements.