Plexus Structural Adhesives
Advanced Adhesives

Plexus advanced methacrylate structural adhesives include:

• Adhesives for today's difficult-to-bond engineered plastics

• "Fiberglass Fusion" Adhesives for composites and FRP

• Plexus Metal Bonder Adhesives for metals and dissimilar substrates

•Low-shrink and low-odor adhesives




Plexus Solid Surfacing Adhesives
Urethane/Hybrid Adhesives

ITW Plexus H-Series

• Excellent adhesion to many materials

• Permanently flexible

• Quick curing

• UV and water resistant

• May be overpainted

• Solvent free

• Rebondable




Plexus Adhesives have earned major performance, environmental, health, and safety certifications. In addition, ITW Plexus has earned the ISO 9001 quality certification.