ITW Plexus adhesives and sealants… faster, stronger, more durable.


Rail, bus, coach and truck manufacturers use our ITW Plexus structural adhesives because of our reliability and ease of use...


ITW Plexus adhesives are used by OEM agricultural machinery manufacturers to reduce production costs, streamline assembly processes and improve overall performance.


ITW Plexus offers specialized adhesives for the design and manufacture of wind blades, turbine housing assemblies, lightening suppression systems and more...


ITW Plexus adhesives are ideal for the marine industry because they need little to no surface preparation; therefore reducing dust emissions and increasing production speed.


From batteries to pipes to indoor and outdoor signs, customers choose ITW Plexus adhesives because of the consistency, reliability and support they receive in every product.


ITW Plexus has a proven track record of bonding composites, thermoplastics and metals such as safety doors, FRP architectural facades/bridges/tanks and acrylic signs.


Manufacturers of structural adhesives, semi-structural adhesives and sealants for composites, metals, thermoplastics and dissimilar substrates.

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